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Fair Games. Fair Prices.

Unlimited Games: $30/mo

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

honesty you can trust

Upgrade Your Online Poker

With a Safeclub account, you get more than fair poker. Your membership also gives you fair pricing – with FREE money trasnfers!

Best of all, Safeclub members gamble with ultra-confidence.


Honest Software

Our patented True Shuffle™ guarantees you random cards.

FREE Transfers

100% of your money goes in & out of your account.

Reliable Protection

Your trust, privacy, and security is paramount.

Powerful Community

Connect and gamble with dependable players like you.


Play Anywhere, Together

Play some friend’s on your next commute. Score extra cash while at the gym. Either way, you can use your smartphone to play poker at any time.

Easily create your own private group and play together.

Safety you can bet on

Overcome Your Fear

Say goodbye to unnecessary stress. Now you can gamble with confidence using real cash. Safeclub is the only gambling site that follows strict U.S. Banking Regulations. Consequently, this is critical to your safety and also saves you money!

SMART: Free bank transfers save you more money.

LEGAL: Enforcing US bank rules keeps all players safe.

SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE: Using real cash helps players avoid gambling debt.

Limited time

Membership Pricing

Innovation for winning

Unlock Your Skills


Your loyalty is rewarded with automatic limit increases.


High performing players like you can rapidly generate reputation points.


Show off your new status with a high-level avatar, or exclusively connect with similar players.

Enjoy Complete Fairness

Pocketbooks rejoice!

Other gambling sites make you pay percentages or split pots. As a result, this creates a conflict of interest which hurts your pocketbook.

However at Safeclub, our solution is to never take a ‘house’ position. This means you keep all of your winnings.

It’s your money, protect it!


5 Ways We Protect You

Fancy math (algorithms) & tight rules are part of our solution. We have found a safe community only thrives with solid game integrity. Here’s how:


For starters, it’s impossible to card peek with our Safesight™ Firewall. Play with confidence because only you can see your hand.


Next, we exclude employees from joining. This removes internal cheating like the 2015 Draft Kings scandal.


Best of all, our patent pending RNG software mimics a real life card dealer! You get genuine random cards. Other poker sites use unethical algorithms which maximize THEIR profits.


Furthermore, Safeclub does NOT take tips, split pots, or share a percentage of any winnings, ever. This means you get a fair game 100% of the time.


Additionally, you can prevent collusion by only playing with players you trust. Otherwise cheating players blackball you by screen-sharing with each other.

Stop getting swindled. Instead, get instant full-coverage protection automaticly with a Safeclub membership.

What They’re Saying


“Sooo much fun! I felt like I had control the entire time. Could use a few missing features.

Amanda T.

Chicago, IL

“Finally a place where I can put my money and not woory about cheats

Michael G.

Greensboro, NC

“OK gameplay, but GREAT reliability. Free transfers are unheard of. Would recommend.

Hector R.

Spokane Valley, WA

Satisfaction Guaranteed

No one else guarantees you a fair game like SAFECLUB.

Customer Support

Friendly support from our US based staff is available to help you have the best experience.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy for any reason, your membership fee will be refunded. NOTE: Lost bets are not refunded.


Common questions before joining.

How are we different?

Safeclub provides you with the same poker you know and love, minus all the stress. You get protection from dishonesty and play confidently with transparent, flat-rate pricing.

We charge one flat monthly membership rate. That’s all you pay. The reason we are not part of groups like the Winning Poker Network is because those groups charge a percentage. Furthermore, Safeclub consistently donates to charities.

What are the restrictions?

Certain limits in place to prevent criminals from using our platform.

This means we enforce rules to uphold a fair community. To counteract some rules, Safeclub eases restrictions after you develop a good account history. You don’t want to make our sh*t list!

Are we socially responsible?

Safeclub does not believe in building gambling debt. This means you can only gamble with money you have. Consequently, to play ASAP, we do allow a one-time $100 Bitcoin transfer. If you need a free bitcoin account, signup here. Otherwise if you have a gambling problem, please find help here.


How Will You Build Your Legacy?

You must link a valid U.S. checking account.