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About Us

Safeclub remains devoted to transforming the gambling industry by consistently providing a level playing field for all players.

Thank you for helping us with our mission.

Origin Story

Player Down, Spirits Up

Hi, I’m Mike. I do NOT have anger issues. However, I destroyed my 2018 MacBook pro by tossing it down an unsuspectingly short flight of stairs. Why?!!

I lost more consecutive poker games than I remember to count. Only one word flashed in my mind, IMPOSSIBLE. I was DONE with scammy poker sites – forever.

After searching and realizing no sites offer a safe environment for ALL players, I knew I had to build my own. Since I can’t even do long division, I luckily befriended a nerdy classmate (who turned out to be a genius developer) who could help.

Nagendra found a new way to tokenize user data that was safer than bank encryption technology, and immune to the NSA tool leak from 2016. – these same hacker tools are still used by cheating players today.

Furthermore, even without cheating players, how am I supposed to win any games when companies who make the software play against me? This is where I was at mentally in 2017, and when I decided to change the industry.


Launching Texas Holdem

Nearly three years later and my team is finally introducing Texas Holdem! Security is flawless, but gameplay needs some fine-tuning.

Therefore, only a handful of players will be beta testing March 2020. This means players with the same passion and integrity as my team are invited to join.

It’s these enthusiastic beta testers who shape and refine the user experience through feedback.

After final tweaks are made, Safeclub will expand its membership not only to other players, but other developers as well. This means other Devs can use Safeclub’s platform to launch new games for players.

Ultimately, our community can then wage bets on all games of skill, not just card games.

See you soon,
Mike B.

Our Company Mission

To provide a safe & comfortable environment for players to wage bets on all games of skill.

Our Vision

To become the leader in fair gambling and #1 resource for esports betting.

"I want to provide a platform where gamers and developers showcase their talents."

Mike B. – CEO, Safeclub

"I am passionate about providing top level solutions and rock solid code."

Nagendra S. – Lead Developer, Safeclub

"My job is easy when you have a company that puts members first."

Nadia P. – Marketing, Safeclub

Who We Are

Our Team

Michael Barnes

Michael Barnes


Scott Nguyen

Scott Nguyen

Support Lead

Nadia Patel

Nadia Patel

Sales & Marketing

Nagendra Singh

Nagendra Singh

Lead Dev

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