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About Us….

We are fair online gambling.

We also give back to communities.

Thank you for helping us with our mission!

Fair Solutions for Gamblers

Playing With Integrity…

Hi, I’m Mike, founder of Safeclub. I want to thank you for reading this. You might be expecting some kind of bonus for signing up. Just a heads up, there are NO scammy gimmicks here. In fact, here’s 3 quick need-to-know things about Safeclub before joining…

Zero Fees

First of all, competitor’s “$1,000 bonus” vanishes in never ending fees you pay. Shouldn’t it make sense to pay a flat monthly rate instead? This way you don’t need to worry about jumping through hoops. As a result, you can play how you want, when you want.

No Rake

Second of all, you should never pay percentages. Most poker platforms design software that is not in your best interest. Instead, it’s rigged to maximize rake (house profits). This is why Safeclub gives you freedom to win, lose, or transfer money – without paying a percentage.

World’s Most Secure Texas Holdem

Furthermore, this platform is built with tokenized data & blockchain assets (blockchain tech is the backbone of Bitcoin). This method is safer than bank encryption. How safe? It’s immune to the 2016 hacker tools leak from the NSA1. By the way, cheating players are still using these hacker tools on other platforms.

F*CK Collusion

Lastly, you cannot win when people who make the software also gamble against you.2 How are you sure your opponent isn’t a corrupt employee with a screen-peek of your hand? This is why Safeclub’s virtual ‘Pit Boss’ is an advanced computer algorithm. This ensures each game has maximum integrity.

Join Our Community

OK, so you’ve played online Hold’em before, but not like this. Imagine how fat your bankroll could grow simply by switching.

Welcome to Safeclub.

See you soon,
Mike B.

Our Company Mission

To provide a safe & comfortable environment for all players to gamble. Additionally we always give back to communities.

Our Vision

To become the leader in fair gambling and #1 resource for e-sports betting.

Safeclub will always invest heavily into improving the human condition by consistently giving to charities.

"I want to provide a platform where gamers and developers showcase their talents."

Mike B. – CEO

"I am passionate about providing top level solutions and rock solid code."

Nagendra S. – Lead Developer

"My job is easy when you have a company that puts members first."

Nadia P. – Marketing

Who We Are

Our Team

Michael Barnes

Michael Barnes


Scott Nguyen

Scott Nguyen

Support Lead

Nadia Patel

Nadia Patel

Sales & Marketing

Nagendra Singh

Nagendra Singh

Lead Dev

Have a Suggestion?

Safeclub continues expanding its membership to more game developers. This means other Devs can use our platform so that you can wager money on their games.

Ultimately, our community can then bet on all games of skill, not just card games. Since there are tens of thousands of games, use the form below to let us know which game you want to see. Otherwise let us know how we can improve what we offer!

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1. Details about the NSA tool leak from 2016 can be found here.

2. Draft Kings employees were convicted of cheating their users. More informaton can be found here.