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POKER – Everything You Need to Know



Poker is arguably a card game of skill that combines strategy with betting. Therefore, making wagers is an essential part of the game. Chips can also be used for representation if players do not use real cash to make bets. Different types of poker games will alter these 4 things: community cards, number of hidden cards, the number of cards dealt, and how players can bet. In any case, the winner must have the highest ranking combination of cards.


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Betting in Poker

The first round of betting begins with a player making a mandatory bet. This bet is also known as a blind (ante). In order to be fair, usually players rotate turns acting as first to bet. Next, players generally bet an amount corresponding to the strength of their hand. For example, a strong hand might get a higher bet, while a weak hand might not. Then, going clockwise, each player must match the previous bet (call) or fold. Consequently, when a player folds, they lose any amount they bet. That player can also NOT participate anymore in making a hand.

Poker – The Game of Skill

Furthermore, a player who matches a bet may also increase (raise) it. Only after every single player has either made a call, raise, or fold, can the betting round end. Since a player can win with any hand, this causes the argument that poker is a game of skill, not just luck. For example, if all other players fold at any given time, the last player standing wins the pot. However, most of the time you will have 2 (or more) players go head-to-head in what is known as the showdown. At this point, after the final round of betting, remaining players must show their hands. Finally, the player who has the highest ranking hand wins the pot.

Psychology and Probability

A player puts money into the pot when they either believe they have a strong hand or they want to bluff other opponents. The exception is the mandatory bet (blinds) made initially by the first player(s). The ability to place bets adds psychological aspects to the game which go beyond probability. Consequently, players can develop skills to understand their opponents and win with their actions rather than luck. Today, you can find hundreds of books about poker, watch poker tournaments broadcast on TV, and play poker 24/7 online. Some individuals can make a living playing poker. There are also tournament prizes that range in the millions of dollars.


First, because of blinds, players share the burden of acting as dealer. Each player takes turns dealing cards when a dealer button (buck) is in front of them. Then, after his turn is up, the dealer button rotates clockwise to the next player.

Casino Card Dealers

However, a casino (house) dealer always deals the cards. There is also a button that similarly rotates clockwise among the players. This only helps indicate the order of betting. At this point, cards are normally dealt clockwise one at a time around the table.

Taking Turns

Usually the first one or two players make a forced bet. This is an ante, or blind bet. Next, the dealer shuffles the cards, and then has the player to his right cut the deck. Now the dealer gives each player one card clockwise starting with the player to his left. The dealer repeats handing out cards until each player has the same amount of cards. Almost all poker variants require the cards to be dealt face-down. However, their can be a few poker games where cards are dealt face-up. In either case, the betting rounds can begin after the initial deal.

Into the Pot

Players can build the most powerful hand by either being dealt extra cards or replacing cards previously dealt between rounds of betting. At this point, all of the players’ bets go into one main pot after each consecutive round. So the pot gets bigger until there are no opposing players to match (call) the last player to bet. Consequently, the hand ends if all of the other players fold. The last player to bet then wins the pot. Now a new hand can begin. The most important thing to note is that the winning player’s hand is NOT revealed. This means that a poker player can win on a bluff rather than the highest ranking poker hand. Therefore, bluffing in poker is the main feature that makes it unique compared to any other contending card games.

Final Showdown

Unless of course more than one player remains at the end of the final betting round, then you have a showdown. Now the remaining players must show their cards to prove who has the strongest hand at the table. Finally, here is when the player with the best ranking hand wins the pot. A poker hand is made up of five cards. Keep in mind different variations of poker will have separate outcomes. For example, some poker variants will only count the best five-card combination, but might have more than five cards available to pick.


The mighty game of poker has many variations, but all stick to a similar pattern. Regardless, all game play uses the exact same hand ranking hierarchy.

Here are just four main groups of variants identified by the protocol of betting and card-dealing:

Draw Poker

Players are first dealt a full hand of cards face down. Next, after betting, each player can exchange any card or cards for new ones. Players then hope to make a stronger hand with the new cards. The most popular version of this method is Five-card draw.

Stud Poker

In this poker variation, cards are dealt in a specific face-up and face-down combo (streets). Rounds of betting follow each hand or sometimes between each round of single cards dealt. The most popular example is seven-card stud. In this case, each player gets 2 extra cards which consist of four face-up and three face-down. As a result, each player can select five out of the seven cards to make the best 5-card hand.

Straight Poker

Also known as Primero, or three-card brag. Players bet in one round after they each receive a complete hand. Then players can raise and/or re-raise their bets. Small adjustments to rules are made for further strategy to develop.

Community Card Poker

This is like Stud poker, except all players can choose to use all, some, or none of the face-up cards dealt to the center table. Players can then make a strong hand by combining their incomplete hand of face-down cards with any combination of face-up community cards. This version, sometimes called ‘Flop Poker’, is the most popular of the 4 variations. Probably the two most significant games are Omaha, and the #1 poker game in America, Texas Holdem.

Video Game Poker

Any other game that uses hand rankings and is not under the above 4 categories just falls under the generic ‘poker’ category. This is the case for any single player playing video poker. In this case, almost all poker video game devices utilize Draw Poker. For example, the player bets, gets a hand dealt, then discards and replaces cards. Keep in mind that even legal and certified software is rigged to take an average percentage FROM you, over time of course. Always play video poker (or any other type slot machine) with intentions for entertainment, NOT to end with a positive net win of cash! Anyways, payouts on these electronic games depend on how much you bet and possibly how strong your hand is.

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What Are the Best Poker Online Tournaments?

Think about this question first. Larger pots attract the highest level of poker professionals. As a result, your odds of winning are substantially smaller. However, your best chance at making money (even though you win a smaller pot) is by playing other poker players with a similar skill level. Additionally, playing with a smaller group will also increase your odds of winning. One final note: research your favorite online poker tournament and see how many times the hosting company’s employees win! Million-dollar pots attract cheaters from all sides of the table. Bet small and stay safe by learning more about online poker tourneys here.

What Are Some Professional Online Poker Tips?

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Secondly, you will learn the following poker techniques:

What Are the Best Poker Hands?

Although the answer may be obvious to some, most do not memorize the probability of their hand and how it should affect their betting. Otherwise, 99.9% of all poker players (in their lifetime) will never get the highest poker hand: Royal Flush. Learn the entire 10 possible hands in poker here.

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