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eSports Betting – Make Money Playing Games!


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Looking to join your first esports battle for money? Have Safeclub show you the way! Esports a.k.a. electronic sports, e-sports, or eSports is a form of competition with video games.

Esports often takes the form of multi-player video game tournaments, particularly between pro players, individually, or as leagues.

Although organized contests have long been a part of video game society, these were largely between newbies until the late 2000s, when involvement by professional gamers and onlookers in these events through live streaming saw a large rise in popularity.

By the 2010s, esports was an important factor in the video game business, with many online game developers creating and financing tournaments along with other events.

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Whether you want to be part of the action, or just be a spectator. You can now place bets against friends playing games you love.


$30 flat membership