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Online Poker Real Money

Online Poker Real Money
How to Play Online Poker With Real Money


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Before Linking Your Real Money, Understand This

Not to scare you, rather to make you more cautious, online poker has a bad history. Additionally, it is impossible to win when a company can control the hand you make. Despite this happening, it is a challenge alone to win money in a fair and legit atmosphere. Whether you are new to online poker with real money, or consider yourself a pro, you will benefit from the following important FAQs.

How Do I Know if Online Poker is Rigged?

First of all, not all sites scam players. However, most online poker sites DO rig the games to their benefit (in order to squeeze the most money from you). Despite this going on, it’s impossible to prove without a court-ordered search warrant to seize online servers. At this point, your only safety net from these cheating companies are strict laws and outrageous license fees. Otherwise leaders in the gambling industry will continue to rip off and cheat their customers. The good news is there are features you can look for to help protect yourself from becoming a victim.

Money Motivates

To start, look at profit motive of your online poker company, much like a police homicide detective would. In other words, how is the online poker site you are using GETTING PAID? Is it a percentage of the pot, per game, or even both? If the company makes a percentage, you better believe the software is rigged to give you the wrong cards at the right times (right time for them).

Developer’s Bank Roll at Your Expense

In addition, software developers who create the online poker games usually make $10 an hour. They soon realize they can make millions simply by adding a backdoor code that allows card peeking. Sometimes the online poker site is unaware of the cheating! Worse yet, some developers are smart enough to purposely lose smaller pots in order to fool cheating algorithms. Still don’t think online poker cheating happens? Simply read a few examples here.

3rd Party Certification

A safe bet would be to trust a third party audit from a well known gaming certification company. However, this does not mean the company pot shaves. Pot shaving happens when any portion of the pot over the standard rake is inexplicably taken, or basically stolen, from the players (ie: Pitbull Poker from 2004 to 2009). Consequently, an online poker host could pass a fair game audit, only to steal from you when you win.

What’s the Best Path for Becoming an Online Poker Pro?

You will NOT become a real cash online poker pro if all you do is play FREE games. It might be a great way to learn game mechanics, but that’s it. At this point, players who do not have cash to lose rarely, if at all ever, play the same as when their feet are in the water. Besides playing poker with other real cash players, it would also be nice if the website saves your ranking among other players. This way you can gain recognition and maybe get an invite to special events.

What’s the Best Online Poker App for iPhone?

At the time this is written, Apple does not approve of iOS real cash poker apps. Consequently, there are growing poker apps that attempt a dangerous solution. These risky apps offer ‘tradable’ points/chips that are bought and sold in a black market. This offers somewhat a solution to not having real cash poker games. Most notably the downside is horrible conversion rates and risk of the game disappearing.

What’s the Best Online Poker Apps for Android?

Unlike iOS, Android users have an option to install non-Google Play approved apps. Therefore, you will find more options to download real cash poker apps from the developer’s own site, rather than Google Play.

What’s the Best Software for Online Poker?

Downloading real cash poker software is still surprisingly popular despite the advancements in online web development. Some players might feel more comfortable, but it is old technology and can be hacked. So why do players still use it? Unfortunately, older gaming sites are married to this type of computer code and are unable to transition to the 100% online, web-based version.

What are Some Legal Online Poker Cash Games?

Millions of players around the world play online poker with real money not knowing (or caring) if it is legal. In the USA as of 2016, only players with IP addresses from California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey and the U.S. Virgin Islands can participate in an online poker cash game. This means any website that has players outside these locations are subject to cease and desist orders from the US government. In other words, you will risk your money getting frozen for months, or even years with a surprise shutdown.

Where Can I Find Online Poker Bankroll Management?

Great question, which leads to the need for a centralized system to track your gambling bankroll. Currently, SafeClub is the only site that allows you to manage your bankroll. In addition, you can use it for other poker games. You can even use your real cash bankroll to bet on esports games (coming soon).

Who has the Best Online Poker Bonus?

Instead of thinking ‘What’s in it for me?’, think ‘How is this website going to recover my $XX.XX bonus?’ The larger the ‘bonus’, the more money your poker site needs to bleed from you to make it back. Instead, look for an online poker site that has low fixed fees. Furthermore, imagine how much more money you keep if you never had to pay a percentage fee?

What Are Safe Online Poker Sites for Us Players?

Most well-known poker sites use SSL connections and are excellent at keeping your information safe. However, what most people do not know is there are NO USA merchant credit card processors who allow charges for gambling. This means foreign banks with lower standards are processing your credit card for gambling. Linking your checking account and performing ACH transfers is your safest solution.

What is a Good Online Poker Minimum Deposit?

The best online poker minimum deposit is anything between $25 and $100. Anything lower than a $25 minimum deposit attracts poor quality players. Similarly, anything higher than a few hundred dollars opening deposit suggests a seedy site. A socially responsible site would only you allow you to add more of your cash after you get comfortable playing poker.

Who Hosts Legal Online Poker Cash Games?

If you are asking about the physical location of the hosting provider, then any host service provider can legally have an online poker site run on their server. Another part of the question could be: Which domains host legal poker cash games? In this case, it is only because of the internal fee structure and built in social responsibility features.

Where Can I Find Legit Online Poker Sites USA?

Safeclub is the only legit online poker site that is owns, operates, hosts, and banks within the USA. NO other gambling website has ALL of these aspects of the business operating within the United States.

Where can I Play Free Online Poker with Friends?

The best site to play online poker with friends is SafeClub. Its FREE, and NO downloads are necessary. Play poker with real money using this app.


$30 flat membership