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Texas Holdem Tips For Pros


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Lets get down to business

You are here to learn. So we made this quick post to help give you a specific edge over your opponents, starting with attitude you need to win. Study carefully and grow your confidence with each paragraph. Lets begin:

Keep your emotions in check

Do NOT be a loose player that bets too much on weak hands. Instead, be more mathematical, or objective in your approach. In other words, FOLD if you have a poor hand, or if you have less than a 50% shot at winning.

You will also need to check your ego at the door. This gives you an advantage. Other players might see you as weak and try to intimidate you by raising bets on their 2-pair or sometimes worse.

Patience with your hand will win you respect

When you do get the upper hand, you then surgically extract money from your opponents. Applying this simple tactic not only builds your pot, you also get respect from the table. This means opponents will run from your raises. Additionally, you can win a pot with a raise instead of going into a showdown.

Play disciplined poker, play high quality hands at the start, and do not pursue draws. Forget your vanity and need for attention. Lay down anything you cannot play like a laser focused serial killer. Players will suspect you play tight/weak and will try to run over you. However, watch for the loose players that bet excessively on their weak hands. When you do have a strong hand, then re-raise back into your opponent and observe how they respond. Good players will fold, but poorer players will keep throwing cash into the pot. This is harmful because poor players will draw out on you more often because they just do not know when to fold.

Make opponents fall into the pot

Other things to look for are the loose players that may heed your raise following the Turn and Fold. But, when this occurs a few more times to them, where the once tight/weak player is pushing them from a pot every so often, they will think you are bluffing excessively. Similarly, they cannot control the desire for action. Furthermore, they might even feel the desire to guard their vanity. When you pull down the huge pot, they will either have no funds left, be on tilt, or just stay away from playing to a showdown versus you.

Swallow your pride

This is the difference between good players and poor players: the ability to lay down a great hand when you believe you are defeated. Inferior players fall madly in love with their hands and are unable to lay them down. If you can fold a quality starting hand when the betting indicates you are beaten, and your hand has not got better, then you are practicing efficient poker.

Use big bets like a sniper using bullets

Another technique is to constantly apply pressure with bets and raises. This works well, but it does take a significant level of proficiency. Understanding when to muck a hand is important. If you were trying to steal the pot with betting/raises or with a semi bluff, or even a poor hand, and someone plays right back at you, then you have a decision to make. Players constantly try to challenge aggressive players. This also occurs at the wrong time when the aggressive player actually had a powerful hand against a mediocre hand. The challenger’s whole stack becomes the ambitious player’s boosted bankroll. This strategy works perfect when you can segregate players, which is done through big bets to eliminate other opponents.

Lead with false advertising

A tricky style is to play loose and aggressive at the beginning of a game. Sometimes you can reveal your mediocre hands at the showdown. In other words, you can play with a semi-bluff or a total bluff – and it depicts the table impression of a loose player with money to give out. This is known as advertising and it tries to depict you as a terrible or loose player. Then, you shift gears and play exclusively the high grade starting cards. At this point, most of your opponents never discover your masterful change in technique.

Hide in plain site

Some of your opponents may presume you are nevertheless playing mediocre hands. They also might be emboldened to raise the pot with their mediocre hands. So, in the long run, you will secure the money you originally lost. This happens at the same time most of your opponents buy-in. Players that are more observant will wise up to this method and notice it for what it was, advertising a bluff to trigger action. However, in online poker, there are more inferior players than attentive players. Consequently, you see so many various players that do not have a smart read on you from previous games.

At least break even, if not make money playing poker

Remember, Hold’em is a showdown game. By playing tight and aggressive you can assure yourself a better than 50% chance of winning at the showdown. This is what all poker players try to achieve (both online and brick and mortar), achieving the odds in their favor as much as attainable. If you have the superior hand and you know it, you can gamble with extra credibility, manipulate the pot and effectively finish the game with a profit.



$30 flat membership