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Timing Tips Playing Online Poker


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How to Use Online Poker Timing Tells

When playing poker online, one of the most significant pieces of information you can acquire is the ‘timing tell.’ This means whenever one of your opponents receives a big hand, you should always be paying attention to the time it takes to put together a decision. This is especially relevant because it will frequently give you a clue about hand strength.

If Opponent Acts Fast, Then Balks

Here’s a first instance of how important a timing tell can be. So let’s say you are playing in a $1/$2 No-Limit Hold ‘Em cash game. At this point, everyone folds to you on the button. Then you raise with A-8 suited, and the big blind calls. The flop comes 8-6-3, and your opponent swiftly checks. Next, you have top pair with top kicker, so you check behind, expecting to get some worth out of the hand on the turn and the river.

Your opponent also checks quickly again when a 5 falls on the turn. As a result, you bet $10 into the $14 pot. Remember your opponent reacts extremely fast, calling and checking within mere seconds. Now you see an opposite response taking his time to reach a decision. When playing an average player, this should inform you that your opponent has made the greatest hand.

Your opponent allows his time to almost run out, yet decides to raise a little amount. This is probably another indication that he has a big hand and is now aiming for your stack. However, do not forget the first timing tell should have gave your opponent away. You are clever to notice an abnormal timing of his actions because he took much longer to make a decision on the turn. At this point it is clear the player is considering wager amounts, not whether he should call, raise, or fold. Hence his method to extract the most money from you. Now you understand that your opponent has a strong hand, and you are clever to fold.

When Opponent Hesitates First, Then Fires Bets

Going back to the same table, now your opponent struggles with every decision. You have J-4 in the big blind and everybody folds. While you should probably take your time prior to checking, remember this is not a powerful hand. Consequently, you are disguising the strength (or weakness) of your hand by acting like you will think about raising.

The flop comes 9-6-3, not improving your hand. Now is a effective time to wait before checking. At this point, if your opponent immediately fires a bet at the pot, it reveals he was planning on betting no matter what the flop brought. This is because he has no time to think about the flop AND decide what to do. Moreover, there is a good chance your opponent did not improve his hand because of his hasty bet and the nature of the flop. Now is the time for you to put in a big raise. Even though your hand is weak, there’s a possible chance your opponent will fold because he has no or a poor hand.

The Autopilot Giveaway

Yet another online poker timing tell you need to be mindful of includes the auto check/fold option. Some players who use this automatic option voluntarily provide you with important information about the type of cards they have. It can also tell you how they play certain hands. In other words, players are revealing that they play their hands in a straightforward manner when they engage the auto check/fold option. In conclusion, you can depend on these players acting exclusively on the strength of their dealt cards only. Otherwise they would take into account all the other factors that help you win a poker game.

YOUR Online Play and Knowing Your Opponent

Besides learning timing tells when you’re playing online poker, you need to also avoid giving off these tells personally. As your experience grows, you will know immediately what to do with the majority of hands. However, you should always delay a moment or two before acting. Specifically delaying when you have a poor hand. This is vital to giving you more time to think about your move on a good hand without worrying other players.

It’s also worthwhile to mention that a few higher level online players give off reverse timing tells in order to misguide you. Therefore, you should figure out what kind of player your opponent is. In Conclusion, timing tells work perfectly against rookie/novice players who honestly need more time to make a decision. Otherwise watch out for the sneaky professional trying to set a trap. Good luck!


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