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Five Reasons Why No-download Real Money Gambling Apps are the Way to Go


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Benefits of no-download poker games

Are downloadable real money gambling apps really the best way to quickly get your betting fix? Well, the short answer is with the way things are right now, they’re probably not even good enough to be considered decent alternatives to their no-download counterparts. Below are five reasons why:

Reason #1: Availability

Google Play, for instance, only hosts a very limited number of real money gambling apps due to security reasons. And to make things worse, they are only available for download in certain regions. This means you have to either make do with what’s available to you (if there are any) or switch to a different device just to get access to more options—which ultimately defeats the purpose of choosing to play on an app because it makes the whole thing so much more tedious.

No-download real money gambling apps, on the other hand, are not restricted by the brand of the app store on your smart device. All you really need to access them is a working internet connection.

Reason #2: Cross-platform compatibility

No-download apps are also typically designed to run on pretty much any commercially available operating system, so you should be able to play whether you are using iOS, Android, Windows or Linux.

Obviously, this is not the case for apps that you have to download. There is simply no way for an app that is coded to run on one operating system to do so on another. This means that unless the company behind your chosen gambling app has a big enough budget to develop a version for every system available, you’d be lucky to find it on more than one platform.

Reason #3: Privacy

You know how a lot of apps ask for special permissions before you can install them on your phone? Well, ask yourself this: do I really want to give a real money gambling app access to my phone’s microphone, camera, SD card and contact list just so I could play when I could just go for a no-download option and still enjoy the same level of excitement?

Also, keep in mind that even if an app says that it will not use whatever information it finds on (or actively collects from) your phone for any illegal activity, you’d have no real way of checking what happens in the background unless you are knowledgeable in app development.

Reason #4: Storage space savings

Of course, by not downloading anything, you also end up saving space on your device that you can then use for more important files. This is especially useful if your device has a limited storage capacity or it’s simply about to run out of space.

Also, with no-download gambling apps, even if your device dies, you won’t have to worry about losing your player data or having to download and reinstall anything. As soon as your device gets repaired or replaced, you can get right back to playing.

Reason #5: Memory savings

On a related note, not having an actual app installed on your device means there’s also one less thing to slow it down. You see, some apps keep a couple processes running in the background even after you close them. This ultimately limits the resources available for other tasks—that and it also causes your device’s battery to run out much more quickly.

Everything we’ve covered so far is exactly why we chose to make Safeclub a no-download real money poker app. We wanted something that our members can access anytime, anywhere and on virtually any computer or smart device without having to worry about privacy, storage and memory issues.

But that’s not all! We also allow you to use actual cash so you don’t have to pay any transfer, transaction and conversion fees like those typically associated with poker apps (and websites) that use credit cards, tokens and points as digital currency. In addition, our platform strictly adheres to US banking regulations to ensure bank-level security for every single transaction you make.

But that’s still not even the best part. We also actively protect our players from cheaters, hackers and scammers using proprietary security tools on top of helping them win more games through free poker guides and unlockable tools that provide pro-level insights that not even the most seasoned poker players have access to.

Take it all home without risky software

And to top it all off, whenever you win a game, we also let you take home all of your earnings—down to the very last cent! There are absolutely no split pots, percentages or any kind of hidden charges to worry about. The amount you see on screen is the exact amount that you will see in your bank account once you decide to cash out.

Sounds like a pretty good deal right? Sign up for an account today to get started!


$30 flat membership