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Seven Reasons Safeclub May Be the Best Free Real Money Mobile Poker App Today


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Use Your Cash Wisely

If you’re searching for a good real money poker website or app to play on, then look no further because you’ve found it—and we’ll give you seven reasons to prove it:

Reason #1: You get to play mobile poker with actual money securely

Did you know that you could save a lot of money by simply playing online poker with real cash instead of credit cards, digital tokens or points? This is because when you play using anything else, you typically end up paying exorbitant transaction, transfer and conversion fees, which ultimately cut into your winnings (or add to your losses).

The good news is you won’t have to worry about that here at Safeclub. Our platform lets you to link your bank account directly to your player account so you can easily use real money for every game you play. This means no more complicated processes, no more unsecure third-party payment proccesors and no more unnecessary charges to bother yourself with.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: is all of this safe? Well, at Safeclub, it is. We follow US banking regulations to the letter so you can enjoy bank-grade security for all you transactions. And we even let you use play money for as long as you want so you can get comfortable with the system first before linking your bank account.

Reason #2: Multi-platform compatibility

It doesn’t matter whether you are an iOS or Android user, Safeclub will run perfectly on both operating systems. In fact, it will also run on pretty much any desktop or laptop computer. This means you can play real money poker literally anytime and anywhere as long as you have a working internet connection.

Reason #3: Cheating-prevention systems

Nobody wants to get cheated in poker—especially if the game involves real money. Well, here at Safeclub, you won’t be. We have proprietary tools that not only prevent other people (including anyone from our team) from viewing the cards in your hand, but also ensure that you get totally random cards from every deal. In addition, we don’t allow any Safeclub employee to join any of the games to keep you from having to ever play against anyone with an unfair advantage.

But if all this is still not enough to convince you, maybe knowing that we also function more like an Escrow account—which means that we really don’t have anything to gain from cheating you—than a traditional house or poker website will?

Reason #4: You get to choose your opponents

Safeclub makes it possible for you to easily create private groups and host private games that only you and your friends can join. This means you don’t have to play against people you don’t know if you prefer not to.

This is especially useful for beginners who just want to get the hang of the game without the pressure of having to play against more experienced opponents. All they have to do is invite people of the same skill level to a private game so they can all play in a stress-free and friendly environment.

Reason #5: Extremely useful player tools

What separates professional poker players from beginners is their ability to adapt on the fly to pretty much any situation that comes up at the tables. They have just played so many games against so many different opponents that they’ve managed to come up with strategies for practically anything the game could throw at them.

The good news is you won’t have to spend as much time to get to that level here at Safeclub, thanks to our Card Counter, Pattern Identifier and Opponent Tracker tools, which are specifically designed to provide you with valuable (and potentially game-breaking) insights that not even these professional poker players have access to.

Reason #6: No split-pots, percentages, transfer fees and hidden charges

Long story short, you get 100% of your winnings 100% of the time. Yes, you read that right. We don’t take any cuts from the money you make playing. You played the games so it’s only fair that you get to pocket all the cash.

Reason #7: You get to give back to the community

We donate 100% of our earnings to a charity called Winning Hands Foundation®. This means that by simply doing what you love (i.e., playing poker), you end up helping improve the lives of the people around you. Sounds like a pretty good reason to play more games, right?

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$30 flat membership