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Five Things to Look for in a Real Money Poker Website or App


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Not all poker websites and apps are created equal. Some are more concerned with making money at your expense than actually providing you a decent platform to play on. This is why it’s important to know as much as you can about your chosen poker website or app before signing up.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start, though. We’ve compiled a list of the top five things you should look for before making a decision. Check it out below!

An easy-to-understand currency

If you’re going to play poker with real money online, you should make it a point to understand completely whatever form of digital currency your chosen poker website or app uses. The last thing you want is to lose a huge chunk of your winnings due to conversion fees and other charges. Of course, there’s also the risk of you ending up betting (and losing) more than you intended because it was not clear to you how much real money the digital currency you are playing with is really worth.

In most cases, it’s better to play on a poker website or app that allows you to actually use real money because then you know exactly how much you’re working with. Just make sure that the platform is totally secure before playing.


Of course, you’d also want your poker website or app to make how everything works crystal clear. From signing up all the way to cashing out, everything should be outlined in easy-to-grasp detail. There shouldn’t be any hidden rules or charges that are, in most cases, specifically designed to give the house a clear advantage over you.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t proceed if there’s anything that you don’t completely understand in how the platform works. Either check with the team who runs the operation first or do a quick Google search for reviews before signing up.


Nobody wants to get cheated—especially if there’s real money involved. Unfortunately, it’s much trickier to detect cheating in online poker. Unlike in real-world games where you can keep an eye out for dubious activities, there’s no real way to see it online—even more so if the it is the platform itself that’s doing it. Sure, you may catch on eventually, but probably not before losing a whole lot of money first.

This is why you should stick with a platform that has clear measures in place to protect you from cheaters.


Cheating is not just about rigging the games to the house’s or your opponents’ favor. It could also come in the form of split pots, percentages and other hidden charges that are designed to cut into your winnings. It’s you who played the games so it’s only fair that you get to keep all (or at least a huge part) of your winnings, right?

It’s always good practice then to learn about the payout system of your chosen platform first before signing up and playing games. And once you do start playing, play with the smallest possible amounts first until you’re completely familiar with how everything works.


The last thing on this list is not really necessary (as you may have guessed based on its name), but is still definitely good to have. This is because if your chosen platform has tools, rewards systems or anything else that is meant to improve your playing experience or encourage you to stay, then it clearly values you as a client.

At the very least, however, a poker website or app should offer the first four things on this list. If it doesn’t, then it would be better for you to just move on to another one. The good news is you won’t have to go far to find such a online real money poker platform. has all five!

First off, we don’t use any form of confusing digital currency. Instead, we let you play with real money. Don’t worry, though, because we strictly follow US banking regulations to ensure bank-grade security for all the transactions you do on the site.

Second, we make sure that all the rules, mechanics and charges are made clear to everyone even before they sign up.

Third, we have proprietary tools that are designed to not only ensure 100% randomness when it comes to card dealing, but also prevent anyone (including us) from peeking into your hands. In addition, we don’t allow anyone from the Safeclub team to join any of the games to further ensure total fairness at all times.

Fourth, we don’t charge any split pots or percentages. This means you get to take home 100% (yes, down to the very last cent) of your winnings. Again, you’re the one who played the games so it’s only fair that you get to keep all the money.

And finally, aside from free poker guides, tips and tricks, we also have several unlockable tools that are specifically designed to help you play better and win more games.

Sounds like a great deal, right? Sign up for an account today!


$30 flat membership