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Top Five Reasons to Play Real Money Texas Holdem Online


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Real Online Holdem

Do you still view online poker as a lesser alternative to real-world games? Well, we’re here to convince you otherwise. You see, playing real money Texas Holdem (or any other poker game for that matter) online is not only as rewarding as playing at a casino, it’s also a whole lot more convenient—which brings us to the first reason you should give it a shot:

Reason 1: It’s the exact same poker game—minus the hassles

Let’s face it: playing poker is fun but it does require you to spend time getting dressed and commuting all the way to a casino or any other venue that hosts poker games or tournaments. This is fine if you’re in the mood for socializing. But if you just want to get a quick game in and then get back to your life, then this may not be the best way to go about it.

Playing real money Texas Holdem online provides you all the excitement of real-world poker games instantly. Just log on to your chosen poker app or website using your computer or mobile device and you’re all set. And, as soon as you’re done, you can just log off and immediately move on to the next thing on your to-do list.

Reason 2: It eliminates all the extra expenses typically associated with playing in a casino

You wouldn’t drive all the way to a casino just for five minutes of poker action, right? Chances are you’d be spending at least a couple of hours—maybe more if you end up winning—at the tables. This means that there’s a big chance you’d go hungry and be forced to order some food (and drinks) while playing. And if you spend an entire day at the casino, you’d probably have to do this several times.

In contrast, if you play online poker at home, you’d have unlimited access to all the food and drinks that are already in your fridge.

Reason 3: Online poker allows you to focus on the game

Real-world poker games present a host of distractions, especially if you’re playing at a casino. There are TVs, music, other game machines, a bar and a live audience. These things could significantly impact your playing unless you’re a seasoned player who can tune everything out and be 100% focused on the game.

To be fair, there’s a huge chance that you also have a TV, a music player, a gaming console and a bar (i.e., your fridge) at home. In fact, you may also even have spectators around if you don’t live alone. But, at the end of the day, you’re still in control when you’re at home. You can just grab your phone, head to the bathroom and start playing to your heart’s content without getting disturbed.

Reason 4: Poker apps and websites eliminate tells

If you’re just starting out, there’s a big chance that you haven’t developed a good enough poker face yet. This means that if you play real-world Holdem games, you’d probably end up giving away all your moves to your opponents through your reactions and mannerisms.

Now, compare this with playing online where the players cannot see one another. It not only prevents your opponents from reading your tells, but it also allows you to focus on strategizing and learning the game’s mechanics.

Of course, once you get good enough at the basics, you could start playing real-world games as well so you could master the more psychological aspects of Texas Holdem.

Reason 5: There are a lot of great online real money poker platforms to play on

Gone are the days when you’re limited to poker websites that are more concerned about squeezing as much money out of you than actually providing you with a decent platform to play on.

Take Safeclub, for example. For starters, we let you keep 100% of your real cash winnings—no questions asked! But that’s not all. We also use proprietary tools to not only keep every game 100% fair and secure, but also help you get better at the game the more you play. And if that’s still not enough, we are also the only online real money poker platform that strictly adheres to US banking regulations, so you can enjoy bank-grade security for all your transactions.

The bottom line

Playing real money Texas Holdem online truly is a valid alternative to playing real-world games. It offers the same level of excitement but with the added benefit of convenience. All you need is a computer or smart device with access to the internet and you can start playing anytime, anywhere. It’s also perfect for beginners because it allows them to learn as much as they can about the game without the pressure of playing in front of other people.

Give it a shot today and experience the difference!


$30 flat membership