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Everything You Need to Know About Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa’s Poker Tournaments


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Your Borgata Tourney Cheat Sheet

Joining a Borgata tournament is easy. Just approach the tournament podium in the poker room with your My Borgata card to sign up and you’re good to go. Registration starts as early as two hours before each event and will go on until the second level ends.

Borgata Registration

Now, if you’re wondering if it would be possible to register via phone, unfortunately, the answer is no. Unlike some other casinos, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa requires all tournament participants to sign up and pay the fees in person. Payments, however, can be made using cash, chips or a combination of both.

Getting a My Borgata card

If you don’t have one yet, you can get Borgata’s exclusive rewards card either at the My Borgata Center or the Borgata poker room. Just bring valid identification and you’re all set.
Once you get your card, you can start earning points, which can, in turn, be exchanged for great rewards like slot and comp dollars, free self or valet parking and all sorts of exciting room offers.

Buy-ins and tournament duration

As with pretty much any other venue, the buy-ins and tournament duration vary from event to event. On average, however, Borgata’s tournaments last anywhere between five and seven hours.

For the complete tournament schedule and other details, click here.

Round Duration

Each round typically lasts anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes, with the limits or blinds increasing at the beginning of each new round.

Starting Blinds

While this also varies from event to event, the blinds for Borgata’s No-limit Texas Holdem tournaments typically start at $25 and $50. But to be sure, check the full event list first so you know the exact details of whatever tournament it is that you are looking to join.


It’s possible to either buy back into a tournament or just add to an existing amount, provided you have no more than the amount you have started the game with. The cost of re-buying is exactly the same as the buy-in.


If you’re about to run out of chips and you wish to stay in the game longer, you can purchase an add-on, which also costs the same as the buy-in, as soon as the third round ends.

Who gets paid?

It all depends on the number of participants. For events with fewer than 50 players, we pay the top five players. For tournaments with 50 to 100 participants, on the other hand, we pay the last table (i.e., eight players for Stud and nine players for Texas Holdem). Finally, for big events with 101 to 199 players, we pay the last two tables.

Bad Beat jackpot

It may still be possible to turn your losing hand into a winning one, provided it is made up of either four tens (or higher) or four nines (or lower). The former earns you the high jackpot amount, which, as of December 2016, is a whopping $74,470. The latter on the other hand wins the low jackpot worth $7,447.

If you wish to know more about Borgata’s poker room, click here.

Preparing for a tournament

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$30 flat membership