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Casino at Delaware Park: Poker Tournaments and Beyond


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Unleash Delaware Park’s Treasures

How does 24 hours of non-stop gaming excitement sound to you? Well, if it makes you feel all tingly inside, then you’ll definitely have an awesome time at Casino at Delaware Park. With 2,300 of the highest-paying slot machines in the area, coupled with a wide selection of some of the most action-packed table games, this venue truly is a gamer’s paradise.

But that’s not all Delaware Park has to offer. Listed below are five of the other exciting things you can do during your visit.

  1. Poker – Let’s start with what you actually came here for: poker. Aside from slots and table games, Casino at Delaware Park also hosts regular live and cash games in its dedicated poker room, spreading titles like Texas Holdem, Three Card Poker, Four Card Poker and even Pai Gow Poker.

Of course, there are poker tournaments too. In fact, there’s at least one event you can join every single day. The updated tournament schedule, in addition to any special promotions associated with each event, is available for viewing here.

  1. Racing – A change of pace is always nice, especially if you’ve already spent a whole day playing poker. Well, Casino at Delaware Park provides just that in the form of live and simulcast horse racing – which, of course, you can also bet on.

To learn more about the venue’s racing events, click here.

  1. Sports Betting – Horse racing not your thing? How about football then? Casino at Delaware Park also takes bets throughout each pro football season. So, if this is more your cup of tea, click here to learn more about how you can participate.
  1. Golf – Now, if you prefer to actually play a sport yourself, then head on over to nearby White Clay Creek Country Club for some golfing action.

You don’t even have to be very good at the sport either. The club offers private lessons, clinics and even tune-up sessions to help players of all skill levels get better at it.

It’s also a great venue for private events like weddings, corporate gatherings or even just a family outing. Learn more about the club and all its amenities here.

  1. Dining – Hours upon hours of gaming will surely make anyone hungry. There’s no need to worry, though, because there are a host of great and award-winning dining options at Delaware Park. From steaks and burgers, all the way to pizza, pasta and barbecue, there’s definitely never a shortage of delectable eats at this place – and that’s just the restaurants. There are also three bars to keep the good times flowing all through the night.

Everything you need to know about each restaurant and bar is right here.


As if playing a great game is not rewarding enough, Casino at Delaware Park provides its guests even more exciting freebies through their Player Rewards Club card. It gives the holder access to things like comps, passes to private events, gifts, quarterly rewards and so much more.

Interested? Click here for more information.

Playing online

Now, as fun as it is to go to an actual casino to play and enjoy a great meal and drink, sometimes, you just don’t have the time to do so. Don’t worry, though, because this you don’t really have to wait for your schedule to free up before you can get your real money poker fix. You can instead play anytime, anywhere using your computer or smart mobile device by signing up for a account.

SafeClub is technically a poker site, but it functions more like an Escrow account because unlike traditional online poker platforms, we don’t charge our players any split pots or percentages. This means you get to take home every single cent you win.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, then maybe the fact that we are also light years ahead of the competition in terms of keeping cheaters at bay will? In fact, we are currently using several proprietary tools – in addition to banning anyone from our team from playing – to ensure that every game is perfectly fair. These tools not only deal truly random cards every single time, they also prevent your opponents (and practically anybody else) from peeking into your hand.

Finally, we also actively help our players win. Yes, you read that right. We do so through free poker guides, tips, tricks and even tools that are specifically crafted to help you get better at the game. What other platform does this for its members?

Why don’t you experience what we have to offer for yourself? Sign up for an account today!


$30 flat membership