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Four Great San Diego Casinos to Visit for Live Poker Games and Tournaments


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So Cal’s BEST Poker Venues

If you’re from San Diego, you won’t have to go far to get your poker tournament and live game fix. There are a lot of great venues in the area that host daily games and events. It doesn’t even matter what your skill level is at most of them. Even if you’re a complete beginner, there are venues that would gladly teach you everything you’ll need to get started – which brings us to the first casino on our list:

Sycuan Casino

This venue has an 18-table non-smoking poker room that prides itself in its topnotch service and beginner-friendly environment. Everyone on the Sycuan team – from the dealers all the way to the managers – is always eager to help aspiring poker players get better at the game. And with morning tournament buy-ins of just $21, newbies definitely need not worry about risking tons of cash just to experience playing in a live event.

But the casino also offers higher stakes games for people who are looking to play for bigger money. You can see Sycuan’s updated schedule of events here.

Now, as for the games you can play here, the casino hosts the following:

  • $3 – $6 Texas Holdem
  • $4 – $8 Texas Holdem
  • $1 – $2 No Limit Texas Holdem
  • $1 – $3 No Limit Texas Holdem
  • $1 – $3 Hi-Lo Stud
  • $3 – $6 Omaha

Pala Casino Spa & Resort

This award-winning venue has a 15-table, non-smoking, wi-fi-enabled poker room with a $1 an hour comp rate. Tableside dining is also available so you can enjoy a great meal while you play. You can view Pala’s updated tournament and live game calendar here.

Pala Casino also regularly offers a host of exciting poker promotions so there’s always a reason to come back. A full list of ongoing ones is available here.

Finally, even though the venue is not advertised as being beginner-friendly like the first entry on our list, it still does its fair share of helping newbies understand not only poker, but also other casino games better through its free game guides.

Barona Resort & Casino

Another venue that features tableside dining, Barona’s non-smoking poker room has 15 tables that host games like Texas Holdem (different variations) and Omaha. It also accepts call-in reservations so you can have your name put in the waiting list for any game more conveniently.

Speaking of convenience, there are also several ATMs scattered across the casino, in addition to free check cashing and easy credit card advances, to make sure that you won’t ever have to worry about running short on funds while you play. And as soon as you’re done playing, you can easily request for a copy of your win-loss statistics.

You can check out Barona’s updated event list here.

Casino Pauma

Home to one of the biggest gaming spaces in San Diego (at 35,000 square feet), Casino Pauma is the ultimate place to check out for all things gambling. Aside from its 1,000 plus slot machines, the venue also hosts live Ultimate Texas Holdem, among other exciting table games, every day from 10:00 am onwards.

But aside from the games, Casino Pauma also prides itself in its topnotch food, drink and live entertainment offerings.

Visit the official Casino Pauma website to learn more about the venue.

Playing Smart Online Poker

Now, in case you can’t find the time to drive to an actual casino (or you’re the type of player who’s just not comfortable with joining live games), then you should try playing real money poker online instead.

The good thing about going this route is that is allows you to play anytime, anywhere. The only downside to doing so is that traditional poker websites usually charge their players split pots and percentages – that and some of them use house-biased card-dealing algorithms so you have smaller chances of winning.

Well, you won’t have to worry about any of that at It works more like an Escrow account than a traditional house or poker website so you not only get to keep every single cent you win, you can also rest assured that you won’t be cheated in any of the games.

We protect you in three ways:

  • Human-like card-dealing algorithm (i.e., perfectly random)
  • Proprietary Safesight™ Firewall to keep anyone else but yourself from seeing your cards
  • No SafeClub employees playing in any of the games

We also reward our members with exclusive access to the useful tools below for simply playing more games:

  • Card Counter
  • Pattern Identifier
  • Opponent Tracker

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$30 flat membership