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Three Great Venues Near Seattle to Visit for Poker Tournaments


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Washington’s BEST Poker Tourneys

From Texas holdem to 3 Card Flush, Seattle is your card game destination. After countless days of spending, here are the top results ready at your disposal:

Muckleshoot Casino

If you like to go big, then you’ll feel right at home at Muckleshoot Casino. With over 3,100 video gaming machines, Muckleshoot’s non-smoking gaming facility features one of the largest collections in the area – and that’s on top of its 24-hour, 32-table poker room with its own tableside dining service and poker bar.

Needless to say, there’s no shortage of poker action and events at Muckleshoot’s poker room, with various tournaments and events happening throughout the week. Check out the full schedule here.

But that’s not all this venue has to offer. It also hosts a myriad of quick live games that poker players of all skill levels will surely enjoy. Check them out below:

Ultimate Texas Holdem

It’s a head-to-head battle between you and the dealer – and you’re allowed to bet and raise during the hand, so you can bet early and rake in big rewards.

WPT Heads Up Holdem

It’s practically the same as Ultimate Holdem. You simply play your highest five-card hand against the dealer’s, and if you come out on top, you win the pot. But you could also win even if you end up with a losing hand with Muckleshoot’s Bad Beat Jackpot.

Crazy 4 Poker

In this game, you still get five cards to work with but, as the name suggests, only your best four-card hand gets played against the dealer’s.

Three Card Poker

A simpler version of the classic Holdem, Three Card Poker gives you only three cards to work with. If you end up beating the dealer’s hand with the cards you got, you win.

Now, if you want to up your chances of winning, you can go for the optional Pair Plus wager, which guarantees a win regardless of the actual result of the showdown, provided you have a pair in hand.

High Card Flush

As the name implies, in this game, as long as you have a flush or a straight flush, you win. And the more suited cards you have, the bigger the prize you get.

All Star Lanes & Casino

The poker room at All Star Lanes & Casino may be much smaller than that of Muckleshoot with just five tables, but that doesn’t mean that it offers less in terms of poker action. In fact, with its near-daily poker tournaments (there are no events on Wednesdays), you’ll never run out of games to join. Check out the full event schedule below:

  • Daily (Except Wednesdays)
    • 11:30 am
    • $30 buy-in
    • 3,500 chips
    • 12-minute rounds
    • Optional add-on worth $20 (equivalent to 2,000 chips) at the end of round 2
  • Mondays – Monday Night Football High hand Promotion
    • $50 awarded quarterly per table
    • Two tables
    • No qualifying hands
    • 30-minute minimum play per table
  • Tuesdays – Military, First Responders and Industry Tournament
    • $10 buy-in for first responders, casino employees and active/retired members of the military
    • Buy-in for everyone else is $20
    • 2,500 chips
    • No add-ons or re-buys
    • 12-minute rounds
  • Thursdays and Fridays
    • 7:00 pm
    • $30 buy-in, no fee
    • 3,500 chips
    • 12-minute rounds
    • Optional add-on worth $20 (equivalent to 2,000 chips) at the end of round 2
    • 10 entrants = additional $100 to prize fund
    • 20 entrants = additional $200 to prize fund
  • First Saturday of Each Month – Freeroll Tournament
    • 11:30 am
    • Participants must qualify
    • Payout grows along with number of live games each month
  • Saturdays – Customer Appreciation Tournament
    • $6,000 in cash prizes
    • 40 hours of tracked in the past month required to qualify
  • Saturdays – Saturday Night Bounty Tournament
    • 7:00 pm
    • $60 buy-in, no fee
    • Each player has $20 bounty
    • 15 entrants = additional $100 to prize fund
    • 25 entrants = additional $200 to prize fund
    • 5,000 starting chips
    • 15-minute rounds
  • Sundays – No Limit Omaha
    • 7:00 pm
    • $35 buy-in, no fee
    • 4,000 chips
    • 15-minute rounds
    • Optional add-on worth $10 (equivalent to 1,500 chips) at the end of round 2

To learn more about the venue, click here.

The third and final venue on our list is technically not a physical venue but a poker website. We put it in the list because you can still access it anywhere within (and outside of) Seattle, provided you have access to the internet and a computer or smart mobile device., however, is not a traditional poker website. It functions more like an Escrow account so it lets you keep every single cent you win (i.e., no split pots or percentages) – which is just one of the many amazing things about it.

Sign up for an account today to learn more and experience real money poker action online like never before!


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