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Upcoming Poker Tournaments Worth Checking Out


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Annual poker tournaments & more

There are countless daily poker tournaments in the casinos of Las Vegas alone. But if you’re looking for some bigger events to participate in, then look no further because we’ve compiled a list of the top organizers of annual poker events in the country just for you. Check it out below:

World Series of Poker (WSOP)

Since its first ever official event in 2005, WSOP has successfully cemented itself as one of the largest and most celebrated poker tournaments in the world through its series of annual events joined by the top poker players from across the globe.

As of 2014, there are a total of 65 WSOP events held each year. Each one of them hands out a WSOP bracelet plus a monetary prize – the amount of which depends on the total number of participants and the buy-in amounts – to the winner. But the biggest and most anticipated of WSOP’s annual tournaments is the aptly named Main Event. The winner of this competition gets not only the usual bracelet and prize money, but also the title of World Champion of Poker, along with the bragging rights that come with it.

Over the years, WSOP has also expanded its reach to non-US territories through the Word Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE), the World Series of Poker Africa (WSOPA) and the World Series of Poker Asia Pacific (WSOP APAC).

For a complete list of upcoming WSOP events, visit the official WSOP website here.

World Poker Tour (WPT)

Launched three years earlier than WSOP in 2002, WPT also hosts some of the biggest and most successful annual poker tournaments in the world, with its high-stakes events broadcast in more than 150 countries and territories worldwide. These televised events have undoubtedly played a huge role in bringing poker to the mainstream and ultimately boosting its popularity both in casinos and poker websites.

Interestingly, despite being three years older, WPT did not start handing out bracelets to the winners of its events until 2008, so all the players who won a WPT tournament that happened earlier were simply given their bracelets retroactively.

It was also during this time when Club WPT was launched. The club presents eligible VIPs an opportunity to play for more than $100,000 worth of cash and prizes every month and get seats to the most exciting WPT events throughout the year.

To learn more about WPT’s upcoming events, check out the official WPT website here.

Heartland Poker Tour (HPT)

Just like WPT, HPT also broadcasts its events all year round. Created by Todd Anderson and Greg Lang back in 2005, HPT was originally just supposed to be a regional poker TV show. However, thanks to the growing demand for televised poker games at the time, the show’s popularity skyrocketed, causing it to end up being broadcast not only across the US but also in the Caribbean, the Middle East and even Europe.

But the show gained even more popularity in 2010 when its organizers decided to charter a total of four private jets to take more than 200 poker fans to Las Vegas for the tour’s sixth season launch. Needless to say, the event was a success, selling out Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa and attracting the attention of celebrities and professional poker players alike.

As for November 2016, HPT has awarded a total of $80,987,281 in winnings, staying true to its original tagline “Real People, Unreal Money.”

If you wish to know more about HPT, you can either watch some episodes on TV (broadcast schedule available here) or visit the official HPT website here for a full list of upcoming tournaments.

Online Options

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to drive to an actual poker room to join a live event. Well, the good news is that there are ways to play real money poker and even join satellite tournaments held by the country’s top organizers without leaving the comfort of your own home.

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But what about your winnings? Don’t poker websites charge their players split pots and percentages? Well, SafeClub does not work like a traditional poker website. In fact, it functions more like an Escrow account so you get to take home every single cent you win – no questions asked!

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