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Stop Focusing Too Much on Getting the Best Poker Hands


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There’s More at Hand Than Meets The Eye

You don’t have to be a math major to know that it is virtually impossible to get the best hand in every single poker game you play. The good news, however, is that while poker is essentially a game of hands, there is so much more that goes into winning your matches than just beating the hands of everyone else at the table. This means that even if you get dealt the worst hand possible, you could still turn things around and win the pot – or at least cut your losses significantly.

Please note the following card references:

(h) Hearts (d) Diamonds (c) Clubs (s) Spades


Even if you end up with the worst starting poker hand anyone in history has ever been dealt, nobody else at the table knows it but you. This means that, with a little bit of acting, you could still convince your opponents that you are off to a great start. In fact, if you play your cards right (figuratively and literally), you could probably even force some of the other players to fold.

But don’t just bluff for the sake of bluffing either. Only use it when you need it to get the upper hand. Keep in mind that if you do it too often, especially against the same set of people, then your opponents are going to start calling your bluffs, rendering the technique significantly less effective.

Read your opponents

Aside from bluffing, you need to master the art of reading people as well so know when someone else at the table is bluffing or setting a trap.

This, of course, goes both ways. Knowing what signs to watch out for in other people makes you so much better at hiding them when you are the one doing the bluffing or trapping.

Another benefit of being able to read people is that it allows you to figure out how to get under their skin, which, in turn, gives you the power to force your opponents to second guess their decisions, get irritated, confused or feel pretty much anything that would mess up their game.

Read the table

If you’re playing Holdem, for example, you should make it a point to always look at the community cards and figure out how they affect your starting hand at all points of the game. Keep in mind that a strong starting hand does not always translate to a winning five-card hand come showdown time. You need to be able to adjust and readjust your strategy as the game progresses.

Do research

Coming in prepared could mean the difference between winning the pot and losing all your cash. So make sure you understand the rules of the game before playing for real money. Learn the different hands. Read on various strategies. Watch pro games. There’s so much poker knowledge available online that all anyone who wants to master the game has to do is spend a little time going through it.

And while we’re on the subject, why not start now? Here’s a little something to familiarize you with all the terms you’ll encounter on your journey towards supreme poker mastery.

Draw on experience

You’ve probably heard the saying “experience is the best teacher” before. Well, that’s especially true in this case. A player who has 1,000 poker games under their belt would more than likely have better judgment than someone who’s only been playing for a week. You see, experience at the poker table teaches you to bluff and read people better, gauge the strength of your hand, come up with solid strategies and know exactly when to fold, play or raise.

Play a lot

Of course, the only way to get solid poker experience is to keep playing. It doesn’t even have to be for real money at the beginning. In fact, it should not be about the money when you’re just starting out. Instead, it should be about honing your skills and instincts and building your confidence so when the time comes when you start playing for actual cash, you’ll have built a solid enough foundation to succeed.

Now, if you feel that you are ready for some real money poker, then there are two ways you can go about it: you either head on over to the nearest casino or play online. Of course, playing online is much more convenient (and, by design, less stressful) than going to an actual casino. So, why not give online poker a shot today by signing up for a account? You’ll get to play anytime, anywhere and get access to more poker tips like this one so you can keep getting better!


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