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The Basics of Four Card Poker


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What is Four Card Poker?

This version of poker is very similar to Three Card Poker in that it is designed to be faster-paced and simpler than traditional games like Texas Holdem. It is a fairly new game that was invented by a man named Roger Snow.

Below are the four main things that set it apart from Three Card Poker:

  1. A hand is, as the name of the game suggests, made up of four cards instead of just three.
  2. Play wagers, instead of simply matching the value of the ante wagers, can be three times as much.
  3. There’s an Aces Up wager instead of the Three Card Poker’s Pair Plus.
  4. The dealer’s hand always plays

Placing your wagers

Just like in Three Card Poker, Four Card Poker rules require all players to place an ante wager and an optional Aces Up wager before dealing can begin.


After all initial wagers are placed, each player, along with the dealer, is dealt five face down cards each. The dealer then gets a sixth card that is dealt face up.

Playing and folding

Based on your cards and the dealer’s sixth card, you may choose to either fold – and forfeit any initial wagers you’ve placed* – or play by placing a play bet that at least matches the value of your ante wager.

Of course, as we’ve seen earlier, you can also raise up to three times the original value of your ante wager.

*This depends on the casino. In some venues, you may still qualify for the Aces Up bonus even after folding.

Hand rankings

Below are the eight types of hands you can build in Four Card Poker (arranged from strongest to weakest):

  • Four of a Kind – four cards of the same rank, as in Kd Kh Ks Kc
  • Straight Flush – four consecutive suited cards, as in Ks Qs Js 10s
  • Three of a Kind – three cards of the same rank plus a fourth kicker card, as in 7h 7c 7s 10d
  • Flush – four suited cards, as in Jc 9c 5c 4c
  • Straight – four consecutive non-suited cards, as in 8c 7s 6d 5h
  • Two Pair – two sets of two cards of the same rank, as in 5d 5c 2h 2d
  • One Pair – two cards of the same rank plus two kicker cards, as in 10d 10c 4h 2s
  • High Card – four random cards with at least two suits, as in Ks 10c 4d 2h

The showdown

After building a four-card hand, all active players compare their cards with those of the dealer’s. Players that end up with hands weaker than that of the dealer’s lose both their ante and play/raise wagers. On the other hand, players that either tie or beat the dealer’s hand get paid their ante and play/raise wagers one to one.

In addition, any player who placed an Aces Up wager at the start of the game is qualified to win the bonus as long as they end up with a pair of aces or anything higher, regardless of the dealer’s cards.

Other Bonuses

Aside from the Aces Up bonus, Four Card Poker also has pay outs for the following hands:

HandPayout 1Payout 2
Four of a Kind2530
Straight Flush2015
Three of a Kind22

Start playing

That’s it! We’ve covered just about everything you need to know to play Four Card Poker.

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$30 flat membership