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A Concise Guide to the Betting Rules in Poker


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Similar rules apply across the board

Different variations of poker typically have their own respective sets of rules, but there are certain characteristics that they all share – and these are what we’ll be talking about today.

Let’s get right to it!

The process

Betting generally rotates clockwise from the first person to open the game by putting money into the pot.

Committing to an action

Whenever a player has made their move (or declared it verbally), they are required to stick with it. This is so no one can suddenly change their play after seeing how their opponents react.


Unless there’s already money in the pot, all players are allowed to check (i.e., refrain from placing a bet). Once a player opens the betting, however, everyone else must at least call it (i.e., match the current bet amount) to stay in play.


Of course, if you are confident with your hand, you can raise the betting amount. Your opponents will then be required to at least call the new betting amount or re-raise and set an even higher one.

Raising can also be used as a bluff. This allows you to trick your opponents into thinking that you have a stronger hand than you actually have and mess up their game.


Active players who feel that they don’t have a strong enough hand (or don’t have enough money to call) may choose to fold. This allows them to remove themselves from play and ultimately minimize their losses.

Any money they have already put into the pot will no longer be returned, however, and will instead go to whoever wins the round.

Forced bets

There are different kinds of forced bets in poker, but they all serve to get the game going. After all, the action will never start until at least one player puts money in the pot.

In games like Stud and Draw, the forced bet is called an ante. Simply put, it is a prescribed (typically small) amount that all players must put into the pot before dealing can begin. It serves as an incentive for all players to play and try to win their money back instead of simply checking or folding.

Another type of forced bet, which commonly used in games like Texas Holdem, is called a blind. It serves pretty much the same purpose (i.e., to get the action going), but instead of having all players put money into the pot, it just requires at least one player to do so. This, in turn, forces everyone else, as we have talked about earlier, to at least call the betting amount the first player (or set of players) has set.

The number of blinds and their respective amounts will depend on the type of poker being played and its betting structure (e.g., limit, no-limit, etc.).

That’s pretty much all you need to know to get started. But be sure to read up on the specific betting rules of whatever type of poker you are looking to play.

Time to start playing

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