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Everything You Need to Know About Indian Poker


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Remember Blind Man’s Bluff?

If you’re looking for a super simple yet extremely fun poker game to play, then you should definitely give Indian Poker (also known as Blind Man’s Bluff) a shot. Unlike other popular varieties of poker that use five-card hands, like Texas Holdem, Omaha and Draw, Indian Poker only deals each player one card per round.

What you need

Just like other popular poker games, Indian Poker requires a standard deck of 52 cards and at least three players. Six to 10 players, however, is generally the sweet spot for maximum fun.

Pre-deal betting

Each player must put in a pre-deal wager called an ante as a sort of buy-in.

Rules and mechanics

Once the pre-deal betting is completed, each player gets dealt one face-down card. After the dealer finishes handing out the cards, all players must raise their respective cards face out in front of their foreheads without peeking. This way, each player can see everyone else’s cards except their own.

Based on the apparent strength of the visible cards, each player could do any of the following actions:

  • Check – pass (can only be done if no one else has placed a bet yet)
  • Bet – put money into the pot
  • Raise – bet more than the current betting amount
  • Fold – take themselves out of play to cut their losses

Action moves clockwise from player to player.

As soon as the betting ends, all remaining players compare their cards. The player with the highest card wins all the money in the pot. In case there’s a tie, however, the pot is split in equal parts among all the winners.


The lower the highest visible card is, the higher your chances of beating it. So if, for example, the highest visible card is a 4, then, it’s pretty safe for you to place a bet. In contrast, if the highest visible card is a queen, then it’s probably best to fold because the only way you can win is if you have a king or an ace.

This game, however, is not just about the actual values of the cards in play. Mind games are a big part of it as well. With a bit of acting, you can actually make players with high cards second guess themselves and fold. Of course, the fewer the active players you have to go up against, the higher your odds are of winning.

Back to playing the classics

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$30 flat membership